Ndim Muhanad

My Muse..

Every time,

I look at your pictures..


I see..

Some of my old pains..

I see,

You, my pretty murderer..

I see,

You, your majesty..

Coz proudly,

You deserve to be a royalty..


I see..

Myself drowning more..

into you..

Into your eyes..

Into your love..


I see..

Myself weak inside,

I feel..

My heart fragile inside..

No one can live with these pains..

Even my shadows left me alone..†††


Standing by my own..

Against my love..


Facing my queen..


I have been always your prisoner..

Your pains lover..

Your lover..

Your immortal lover..


Do you spend your nights asking..

How could a poet survive your pains..

How could I assemble all these letters..


Write my imaginary poems..


Havenít you heard of me?

Havenít you heard of my ironic soul?

Desert is my muse..

Sun is what I chase..



I have written my own destiny..
I'm a sun chaser..

Iím a cursed knight..

Iím an eternity wanderer..

Iím an Arabian lover..


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Ndim Muhanad.
Published on e-Stories.org on 07/23/2006.


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