Saskia Charlotte Junker


This poetry is an omage to the spirit of life.

Of the importance to live the life to the fullest, each and every joyful aspect,

for all waves and challenges the best source of strength and the key to master them al is authenticity as we are all born and foreseen with a full package of individual skills and treasures which give us all we need if we manage to remain, or become again and being ourselve to the fullest. Living our Life to the fullest.

Timeless, spaceless, everywhere and nurturing us with the beauty of living surroundings.


Here you go.



Between today

and random tomorrow

between here and now,

there and then.

Joyful roadtrips yet to come in the journey of life.

Catch the journey,

There is so much more in the world to live.


Eagles flying,

Breathing. Are . You!

above volcanic fire,

forward water,

cooking cascades expressing freedom.


Live, love, express, emerge.

Keep walking right from your guts.


Keep stepping forward.

into your intuition

-realize or not-

well then explore.

Uniquely inside your soul

you can trust.

Trust into yourself,
you know your wealth.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 06/10/2021.


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