Ronald Deutschland

I wished on a star - tranqualizer II


words will never seem so painful
when the senctence will be sure
I look forwards I told you so
but noticed love lack lure
I feel so warmly but I'm creepin'
searching for a sign
but none will happen it waiting for you
and nor you will be mine
no words can express explict feelings
no motion in this place
I try to look right though
the exspactation in this haste
my mind is out of order
uhh, my eyes never less
I waited for an answer
but after all she says
I wisched on a star
I wished on a star
can we get more hope
believin in you , hey?
I hope you find another reason
to come back hear one day
until that my heart is bleeding
rests where once before you layed
no time can cure my bad diseases
no button can restart
my small heart of intimidation
hollow from the start
hope you'll enjoy your little journey
when you are coming back
things have changed, the cure
will show your own love lack
my heart a ship without a man,
searching for what's next
my soul a deep dark river then
I had said
I wisched on a star
I wished on a star
can we get more hope
believin in you , hey?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ronald Deutschland.
Published on on 08/06/2006.


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