Dagny Kraas

The Power of Love

Your eyes made me feel strong, 
Stronger than any power on earth.
I was everything to you -
You were everything to me.
Your arms made me feel secure,
More than any wall or bricks could do.
I was protection to you -
You were protection to me.
But how hard to discover
That illusion was all what we had:
You are as weak
As me.
We both can't change the world,
And when Death reached out
To steal you from my side,
I was weak and you were, too.
Strength just seems to be
A relative name for thoughts
We once had when
We were happy together.
Now your place is empty,
My tears fill the silence
With salty waters from deep inside
Though never hoping to see you again.
- You're gone. -
The eyes of time made me feel weak,
Weaker than anything else on earth.
Realizing my helplessness,
I reached out for your hand.
I saw you pulling yours back,
I saw you turning away.
Just one tear ran down your cheek
But your eyes were full of them.
Tears to never be cried,
Tears to be hidden forever.
Because time is eternity
And eternity is time.
Only for a second I touched
The tips of your fingers,
And I felt something new
And strong protecting me.
It was the power of love
That came the distance
To tell me that you
Are still and always thinking of me.
And it is the power of love
That really rules the world.
In the frame of time, it lets
You see more than the simple picture.
Your love still makes me feel strong,
Stronger than anything else on earth.
I know my time will come
To say Goodbye to the world.
Love I will take with me
To share it with you.
For love is the true eternity.  


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Dagny Kraas.
Published on e-Stories.org on 08/06/2006.


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