Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... of pure silicene and carbyne, of graphene, of immortal and civil kryptonite, of rubidium ...
... ah, ah bears and poles lost after the avalanche of these liquid and war times,
unexpected and frivolous,
and ah, ah cetaceans - dolphins and whales -
temples and furnishings with ancient and reversed gifts by the claws and designs of the climate:
Well, here is the dying epic of ice with its brutal snowstorms,
or the fight to the death between order and kiss and between heat and cold ...
better, better maybe the intelligence, the light and the power of the XXI with your mind-heart here and there,
with its moldings of oxygen, silica and glass, of pure faith and love;
therefore, oh fractal delight of earthly delights,
And oh, oh times with multiple and viral frequencies, arriving bright and high,
and belligerent, and moving, and wise, and brand new ...
... because who, who and from where will come to this world of ours
in mortal and immortal garb,
and what will we come to feel, wish, believe, think,
or how we will act, how we will communicate and coexist, how…;
... for all this, and in short, I ask and say,
What will be the context of this old blood in unity and heartbeat in the sidereal world,
and how, how and in what terms will blessed love be expressed,
under what new conceptions or prisms:
For example, how can a kiss be like the bastion or peak of a great divine cry,
so cosmic and alive ...?
And is it that, then, will pain and distance continue to exist?
... and goodbye, will there be goodbye - let's hesitate and ask ourselves the question now - will it exist?
... of pure silicene and carbyne, of graphene, of immortal and civil kryptonite, of rubidium ...
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 12/29/2021.


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