Stefanie Haertel

No war, no cry

It has been quite dark here
All around me and inside me.
Iím not walking anymore,
†Iím creeping.
Iím not looking straight on my way
Iím looking down.
Silence is in me and around me.
Everything is sad and grey.
Iím just half the person that I used to be.
When I touch it
It gets lost.
When I look at it
It gets hidden.
Iíve nowhere to run to
And I have no sense of running anymore.†
Good friends weíve hurt
Good friends weíve lost.
Gold, oil and land
For pain of losing family.
Is the world still spinning round?
Iím just a young girl
Lost in-between this hell on earth.
Caught in the darkest night.
What can I do?
I sit with my head in my hands
And cry.
No war, no cry
Everybody is somebodyís daughter
Everybody is somebodyís son.
No war, no cry
I donít want history repeat itself again and again.
No war, no cry
So speak up until youíre heard
No war, no cry
Love will know right from wrong.
But I remember
I cannot only speak for myself,
I must speak for the ones who have no voice
For the forgotten ones.
So I stand up
And raise my voice
Untill the bitter end.
Iīm alive
But Iīm not sure that Iīm living.
This is a nightmare
I cannot stand.
My heart is sick
My soul, too.
Since I knew I lost you
I have nothing to live for,
I almost broke down and cried.
I shout out to heaven above
But it feels like thereís none anymore.
Itís not like Iíve always been so sad
But since soldiers passed my way and fought
Since heaven broke down
Iím a lost dark angel
Who is waiting for her time on earth?
I wanna live again.
And I want you back on my side,
But what I see I what I get:
A destroyed home and broken souls.
I see politicians who make their decisions
And who donít care for wrong and right.
And thereís no reason good enough to justify
No speech well enough to explain.
They donít need to tell me what to believe.
Iíve seen so much more
So donít tell me to shut my eyes.
Iíve heard so much more
So donít tell me to shut my ears.
I know the world goes round and round
And some things never change
But together we can go
Where no one else can go.
I know some things are build
To last for eternity
But together we can do
What no one else can do.
United we stand
United we fall.
Iíve some distant memories
That it used to be alright.
And with a little hope
I shout:
By Stefanie Haertel ( Stefī)

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Haertel.
Published on on 08/14/2006.


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