Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… that when you touch, you heal it,
that what you look at you light it up, cheer it up, resurrect it,
oh be mine, and may peace bake what you wish and what you think,
and start your way,
and let it arrive
and let it be;
… instants arise in which, decidedly, it is necessary to decide between life or death,
face the intimate spears of the sun, sustain its fire and elucidate the flames
in the deep and atavistic loneliness of the chest;
... but you see it, do you hear it?
joy comes from afar looking for you and its breeze tinkles,
already calms her elixir,
  … be mine, be mine do you remember the sickness, the fear, the evil, the darkness???
oh yes, remember them, remember them, they were spinning wheels of mortal and human bloods;
but, oh, oh most beloved, if your lance is of love, oblivion is divine.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 02/03/2022.


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