Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… in the intimate limpidity in which they burned, the sea could be heard;
They went in the night as in the glow of nimbuses,
as if in gold that escaped from a coral temple
and anemones of the south, and tall the waist and the look:
the flower of the heart;

… which tympanum of lily and silica of rose, they emitted light;
ah, then, the conclave of heaven,
ah, his emblem in flames, ah, ah his seal and his power!

... together they had come from all times and pains all,
all the corners and softness, deeds and tremors,
to this convention of love;

…at the exact time, the angel of death saw them leave;
his being of love and air, was a burning breeze.
Antonio Justel-Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 02/17/2022.


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