Melina Gittner

No happy end

How shall I say, I can't explain
What's partly good is mostly pain
The only thing I really know
I hardly tried but can't let go
There still is something that I feel
And that for sure I know is real
You're the one that I still miss
That's why I'm hoping for one kiss
I know it must seem more than strange
But I believe it'd make a change
I hope one kiss can verify
The feeling that I still deny
So tell me, when I taste your lips
Will I feel it to my fingertips
Or will it be - even after all
Like I expect - no feeling at all
Regardless of these perfect dreams
I hate to say that it just seems
No matter how I look at it
I'll never see the perfect fit
'Cause what I never get to see
Is a happy end for you and me

I wrote this poem about six years ago. Back then I was still new to writing in English, but
for some reason I felt more comfortable expressing my emotions in this language. I was
really heart broken when I wrote these lines, but working on this poem also helped me
getting over it and making a cut. And who knows, maybe it even helps someone else,
who reads it.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Melina Gittner.
Published on on 03/09/2022.


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