Anna Weithaas-Lachtrup

Eyes like stars

Eyes shining like stars in the sky,

Watching over me while I silently cry.

Warmth spreading through my body, as you lay here with me.

Something I truly couldn’t foresee,

You seem to whisper about your love for me,

Not using words, but a sound so serene,

Making me feel like I’m finally seen.

You let a bright smile appear on my face,

One that can’t ever compare to your grace.

While I may feel like darkness is swallowing me whole,

And it constantly feels like I’m losing control,

One thing is sure,

A thing that won’t change,

(And) Even though I forget it sometimes,
I know you will be with me till the end of times.

This poem was created while I thought about something that I love unconditionally - My cats.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anna Weithaas-Lachtrup.
Published on on 05/11/2022.


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