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The Maggot Luise






The Maggot Luise 


Once upon a time there was a snail named Annette. 
She lived in a high hedge. 
There was also a maggot with the name Luise. 
She loved crawling through the summer meadow. 
Then she met the snail "Annette" 
Those from the hedge. 
She was a really nice one. 
She invited the Maggot Luise into her House. 
She should stay for dinner. 
Because Anette, the nice one, wants to eat them.
Only Luise knew nothing about it, 
and crawls into Annette's house. 
A big mistake, because that was the end of Luise. 
And Annette threw the leftovers out of her house,

and disappeared back into her hedge.


Thomas-Otto Heiden 




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Thomas-Otto Heiden.
Published on on 05/31/2022.


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