Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... a sign, an unusual blow,
a sidereal and enormous explosion, extraordinary,
a conscious and magnificent flash of lightning with a high splendor, kindred and intelligent,
And the electrons and nuclei of the world's energy approaching,
seeing each other and looking at each other for the first time, recognizing each other, intuiting each other and embracing each other;
ah the utopia-light of such undefeated instant,
[a divine hunch enunciating, crying, and, cosmically, getting emotional]
because oh, oh when love expresses itself without chests, without walls or padlocks and it shines and shines,
since there is so much and so much joy, and so much and so much joy and still unknown... the din of the matrix - here inside and here below - between this dense and mineral frequency,
Through homes and homes the air is crowded between ancient bodies, deaths and souls,
demanding laws or furies to curse or laugh, or only and only to cough or cry,
  So let the darkness still overwhelm us with its deep trances of unconsciousness,
- Thus it bends us and binds us, and thus it attracts us and girds us with usury -
like dust of wrath and fury in rough shadow, so raw and dense suspension;
...and yet, and in spite of everything,
against the impetus and yoke of that old school of noise and agraz,
between the serene flowing water, between the faint whistle of the wind and the enormous song of the sea,
there is the light;
... a signal or sign,
a sidereal blow or toll,
a conscious lightning - I say - with new law and its splendor,
a civil algorithm, a gesture, a voice, a pristine cry of alarm,
an enigma clarified here and now, under an intoxicating and universal din,
a voice with pity of compassion, a rumble or being of love, truthful and intelligent at last, at last.
Antonio Justel-Rodriguez


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 06/06/2022.


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