Samantha Rhinow

I'm just a girl

I’m just a girl. I’m always tired and easily bored. I’m mean and angry but also friendly and kind. I speak sarcasm fluently and never run away from an argument. I get emotional from songs and movies and cry when a character in my book dies. I smile when I get a text from my friend, and I love to hug them. I’m smarter than I show and observe everything. I speak what’s on my mind but care too much for what people think about me.

I get dirty looks when I show cleavage. I don’t trust men. I got sexual massages from a friend when I was a teenager and didn’t understand what was happening. I get touched in the bus and am too scared to say something about it. I get told I imagined it. I get told it’s my fault for sitting next to him. I get told I must accept that women are being mistreated. I don’t want to live with that. I can’t live with it. I’m just a girl.

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Published on on 09/28/2022.


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