Robert Gatewood

Wood Spirit

Fleetingly she is glimpsed
Dancing through the trees
A spirit of the forest
Rare sight indeed

As beautiful as nature
Mischevious smile on her lips
Eyes twinkling with delight
As she frolics in her domain

Silken hair tumbles
Is stirred by the wind
Wild untamed beauty
Nomortal can win

Hide and seek she plays
Peeking from behind a tree
Daring one to gaze upon her
And lose his way

To desire her is forbidden
Yet desire her mortals do
Restlessness fills their spirits
Immortal beauty haunts their days

The hamadryad dances still
Snaring mortals with her charm
Her beauty shall never fade
Spirit of the forest

2006 Robert C Gatewood

This was inspired by a picture of a friend of mine.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Robert Gatewood.
Published on on 09/02/2006.


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