Saskia Charlotte Junker

Greyhound Bus USA


Schedule 1348 19th of November 2022, Confirmation Number 1401428301
Departure time 1.30 am

I bought the ticket at 1 pm on the 18th and I was told to be about 20 minuted before at the station.

I made sure to be there at 0.45 instead because you never know.

when I arrived the ticket seller said he would have to go now and that the bus would have 20 minutes delay. It was the same person who sold me the ticket at 1pm .

The Flagstaff greyhound station is not like other greyhoundstations where you can wait inside. So it was waiting at 32° Fahrenheit that dropped down to 28°Fahrenheit in the run of the next hours outside in the cold.

30 minutes did pass and the bus did not come.
1 hour did pass and the bus did not come.

I checkes with greyhound bus tracker where it is possible to enter the schedule and saw they would have an addirional delay and the bus would come around 2.30 am
then they updated and ir was said it would come around 3. At 3 it still was not there.
at 3.25 I called for the first time with the customers service 1 800 268 9000.
she told me the last ime the bus would have been seen and the location would be known would be between phoenix and flagstaff ad there would have been a delay but it still should come.
i asked as well whether there still would be chance that I catch then my tramsfer bus in albuquerque desptiw of the delay and she said it is possible to catch up.
But the bus did not come.
i made additional phonecalls with them at 4.:25, 4:38, 4:54.
Thr answer was always the same. The bus would be in delay and they would be waiting for the updated dispatch.

They said they could offer me an alternative bus the next day but this would notnhave helped me..i had a non redundable hotelreservation in colorado springs.
they were not providing me any time whether the bus would still come or not.

At 4.40 another bus did vome.
A bus that would go to Phoenix instead to albuquerque which means the opposite direction.
I verified with severalnl guests and the busdriver to be sure whether it vould be my bus or not but they went to phoenix not into my direction.

He wven offeres me to take me along so inwould be able to check in phoenix what had happeend tonmy bus to not keep standing in the cold but what would it helped me if my bus woulat 5 am the battery of my phone died and i was not able to feel my toes and fingers anymore.
i started to shover to feel warmer and it was so cold that I felt like wanting to cry as we did when we were little children due to the pain of the cold.

At 6:00 I walked to the 500metres away petrol starion and charged thr battery of my phone while trying to warm up again.

At 6:20 I called with the customers service again and then they told me the bus had been breaking down and would have been canceled entirely.

The person offered me to file a co plaint and fill in the form and he would send me the confirmation of it by mail.

I was not sure whether or not it would reach me but i seemingly a wonder with all compromised emailadresses received the auto reply and later they reached out and I prpvided them with additional info:

they askes me to reach back 24 hours after my arrival time.
What did they not understand about the filed xomplaint? Therr had been no arrival time because my bus never came??? 
Compkaint ticket 00D41VOId._5002M1YWI5z:ref.

I answered to them and explained detailed again what happened and that i due to them as well have a paid hotel i never was able to take with a non refundable policy in Colorado Springs.

In the meanwhile a cold started to settle in with cough and throat pain. (By now I have a severe cold with coloured mucus decent throat pain, on the 19th i had as well fever and painful limbs gliedersvhmerzen).

Fortunately i found an accomodation where i could check in already at 7 and getting early into the room.

Greyhound did not give a damn shit.

They did not see any reason theybwould have to compensate me for the 6 hours in the cold whipe they already knew the bus had broken down.

Even further they do insisit Inwould have taken the bus and the service would have been provided?!?

They said thr maximum they could do would be the refund of thr 179 USD for the ticket butbthisnwould be the maximum seen itnwould have been a non refundable tixket.

Well..non refundable id I cancel.
But i never cancelled. They did not provide their service.

There are a few other incidents with greyhound bus company that took place during the last months with my experience with oubmic transport.

Whenever i entered the bus they communicated to someone that I had entered that specific bus.
sometime they added the disabled perdon would have entered the bus or the insane or depressive person had entered the bus.
It was pure insult.

In various occasions then shortly afterwards an additional person boarded and did look for a place near to my seat and kept constantly observing me where i would leave thr bus and where not.

One lady looked like an old nazi extinction camp commander and she constantly told people inwould be insane and depressive.
she even tried to tell a lady in a foodstore of a greyhoundstation she should add something to my food for which she pushed herself 4 persons before me with the excuse she just needed to ask something.
i remained without food as I brought it back to the shelves evidently.

I spent about 2000 USD with greyhound throughout the last 8 months seen I have no possibility to rent a car wothout own credit card and am dependent on pubmic transport.

What greyhound delivered these days with their customer sevice is irresponsoble.

They even wrote following lines

"u fortunately we not always can lrovide the resolution our customers would like.
we are unable to honour the request due to ticket restrictions and as services were still provided". The refund in the amount of 178 is the maximum resolution that we can offer. Please be advised that the customer service department no longer takes phone calls."

They did not peovidr me wirh any proof of that the service had been provided or when the bus would have arrived at Flagstaff as I asked them writtenly. Thwy did not refer to any of the icecold circumstamces between 0 and -2 degree celsius and their lack of facilities to be in the warmth.

They did not reply to any othet inconvenient circumstamce that had been disrespectful taken place with their employees at greyhound stations or conductors or even people who tried to drug food or to force me to leave a signature for no reason while noone else had been asked to leave a signature.

Some of the other bus schedules I had been taken with following confirmation numbers were
8726245901 from orlando to Houston on march 13 2022,
9451303301 from San Francisco to Washington DC on 8th of august 2022,
from buffalo (the city that became recently infamous for its child abuse scandal by thr arch bishop of the archdioceses of the roman catholic church in buffalo near niaghara falls) to San Diego on 27th of july (arrival san diego 28th),
from santa barbara to fresno on 1rst of august (i investigated there against the growth of cannabis to investigate on the involvement of state agencies while confronting mr brummet on his activities and involvement in 2019 seen that all workaway persons who contacted me were formwr state agents, it turned out that ALL drug productions are in the hands and owned by the CIA and state agencies and that they onlybhire people from other backgrounds while management alwaysbin hand of foemer state agents or relatives of them .when a growing field is exposed they arrest the employees they had hires from backgrounds that did not find other jobs and just translocate the manager to a different place).
from jackson tennessee to Little Rock arkansas on 10th of november, from lityle rock to tulsa oklahoma on 14tth novemeber and on the same day feom tulsa oklahoma  to flagstaff arizona.
as well on 9th of september after my failed flightbookings from Baltimore to Atlanta but i stepped out of thr bus at Konyers because of thst damherous woman whontried to tell someone to drug me and someone else of freyhound who forces me to leave a signature with an excuse while others did not have to leave a signature somewhere.
then on 11th september from konyers to memphis.

these are just a few examples of my money investment into greyhound theoughout this year.

Due tonthe criminals in europe I have no creei card and therefor no possibikity to rent an own car.

I am dependent on public transport sich as flights or distance vuses or amtrak.

At amtrak they had been given directives by the state government that owns amtrak as amtrak is a state company that they should signal me for insane.
on the ride between new york and niaghara on 19th of july they tries to get a signature for me when Inpaid CASHnfor a salad.since when donyou have to sign a receit whennyou pay cash? I refused.
when the trainconductor. Fat man with blue eyes and without hair passed me the next time he tries to find an excuse to touch my shirt and then he communicates to someone "i tagged the shirt of the one you have to declare for insane" .seen i had to change shirts anyway after 30hours trainride and waiting in new york seen my train from miami on the 18th had arrived at 10pm in NY and the train to niaghara left at 7am and ny amtrak has an overnight waiting hall i did not sleep or had chance to fresh up i used that occasion to vhange my shirt that i had been given as a gift by an old beteran. The next time the conductor passed me he communicated "the one you have to declare dor insane is peotected by a veteran".


Evidently neither amtrak nor greyhound is a company suitable for travel (into amtrak i had invested 1500 USD this year by the way).

so what is left???

Uber? They corrupted persons from uber on USA scale to not give me a lift or to say afterwards inwouls have offered prostitution amd drugs.
lyft? People in little roxk had been corrupted to say similar after whereever I go as soon as the pervert from 2020 from italy finds out that I am in that city he lets circulate thr illigal porn they did of abuse and corrupted set ups towards everyone whonis connected tonthat new digital devices making it look like as if i am a porstitute or a pornstar and whenever i talk to someone with the stolen devices that were intended for me HE then pretends i would be offering porn and sex service or drugs.

WHEN will people finalky declare the real criminals for insane and eventually as well investigate about the ownership of greyhound and amtrak???

In greyhound there were additional issues on all buses wirh infiktrates people from state agencies and churches who did weirs gestures on persons while mumbling things that reminded a little bit too much of the women of santa croce that i described in the chapter fatturatrici... .

i called this shortstory greyhound and not public transport because amtrak USA viarail Canada and flixbus Europe will receive their individual publications seen too many things did happen tehoughout my experience with them that never were compensates.

The emailadress provides to greyhound was in case some people would like to check with that emailprovider whether they were sorpressed to give information of the incoming server adress and outgoing post whether there are people who surveille my email and interfering such in case it was nwver greyhound who wrote with me.


Update on greyhound customer service 1rst of
december 2022:

They ignored each and every remark of 5 hours in the
cold with -2degrees Celsius (27farenheit) that caused
me a day of fever and 5 days with heavy bacterial cough.

They said the service would have been delivered (???
Tho whom? Not to me for sure. They told me evrytime i
called them in that night that their bus would have a
delay and they would be wairing for thr dispatch .after
4:30 the bus vanished from the bus tracker schedule
entirely. At 6 am they told me the bus would not come
anymkre but they could book me for thr bus the next

They ignored entirely the request for compensations
having caused me 5 days of sixkness and as well they
ignored the fact that I due ro them lost additional
140USD that were a non refundable airbnb booking at
Colorado Springs.

Greyhound said it would not be able to refund because ir
would have been a budget ticket?(what the heck.the bus
did not come.i never camceles. But in one mail they said
i would have cancelled the ride.)

At some point they said they couls refund with a big
gesture but only the 178 USD and wouls not xome up for
any extra xompensation.

They ignored all complaints i filed regards the insults
and persecutions in previous bookings with them where
i was insulted as insane and depressive and my exact
location constantly delivered to people like wissing
fascists from lake garda and unknown people in
germany and even to the terrorist rapist of 2020.

Today they did sens me seriously a mail they would not
have the debitcard data anymore on dile amd therdoe
would not be able to reimburseand i should give them a
MAILING adress where they would want to send a check
in the amount of 178.
I dont have any mailing adress as everyone well knows
seen I am traveling from hotel acvomodation to hotel
accomodation. Apart from.that they seriously believe i
wouls gove them a location of mine after they indormed
constantly people who destroyed my life about my exact
whereabouts??? Are they insane or what?

Lets see how is greyhound story continues.

I will.keep you updated.


To all who stumbled over memtioning the
drugs and and the onlybstate
agents or their kiddos where it was
possible for me to find a work exchange in
2019 and 2021.

The chaptwr still takes a while to be
conpleted. Too much bullshit from drugged
food that then was given to dogs when i
refused to eat from it, an ex mikitary
photographer, that brummet with the
profile mandy from whichbwas not visible
at all that he had to do with the growth
of cannabis for thr californian government
and his scottish state agent famiky, about
former state agents of hitler in and
around berlin and framce all with their
tiny blue eyes and fat eound heads and
racebreeding in portugal by former
extinctinccamp 3 places people
were let into my room during the night
aftet beverages had been manipulated
leaving me with horrible nightmares. I
always pretended to not have been aware of
anything and left the place as soon as
possible afterwards.

That chaptet is still in processing.

But I will tell u something in advance.

I confronted 4 of them in 2022 and
investigated about their real identity.
I still did not figure out however WHY I
had only been able to contact or recieve
offers from such people while
workaway.infonusually is a safe way to

Or am i wrong about it???

Is workawayminfonin reality a trap ?

I dont believe so. But ALL normal peolle I
tried to get a workstay in 2019 and 2021
wete given directives to devline.
And the few where i had the feeling they
were normal I had come to the point that I
knew very well that max 2 days there and
they would get bothered corrupted or
sorpressed. So at some point i stopped to
use thatbway of intercuktural teavel that
digital nomades use a lot but as well
others who travel around the world.

In the case of mr brummet in 2019.
I had NOTHING to do with any drugs and dis
neither know he was involved in such.

I was taking care of his amstaff tesla and
his cat drako and a few days as well of
the french bulldogs sascha and his brother
of mr brummets daughter in law while they
were away for business and for an ebay
event in silicon valey where he said he
would install artistic veils.

There were immense issues however with a
woman on his property called rene who
lived there because she had got to know mr
brummet in the state laboratory both had
been working.she pretended to woek for the
international school as a coordinator for
exchange students and offeted me a day an
excursion to a place near santa
barbara.there she did meet then with a men
with white hair and blue eumyes evidently
a state agent and talkes with him a few
metres away thinking inwouls not hear her.
As well intonthe birthdayparty of mr
brummets son there infiktrates a weird
person noone had seen before and who
started to manipulate drinks of people. I
almost died in that night but pretended
the next day to not have remembered
anything but they did sth to me there i
have no idea what it was.

So.once again..i have nothing to do with
any drugs.
I tries to condront mr brummet this year
about what the shit had been going on seen
at that point i had already confirmation
that only state agents were replying or
contacting me through workaway.

He denied everything and redused to talk
about anything and instead beought me with
him to the state owned property mendota.
Seen he refused any explanations or any
comprnsations I started to investigate on
my own. Then i left.
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Published on on 11/22/2022.


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