Saskia Charlotte Junker

Sara Giramonti is responsible for another Identitytheft

In addition she and her friends are con responsible for Vito Lapetina respectively Hauke and patrizio Sala and for Leo Ard Giacomo Costa!!!

They hired them.

And at the same time they pretended towards Alberto that they have nothing to do with everything and that they feel sorry.

Well.. they as well are responsible that I was declared for i same and disabled in Italy and they declared Alberto as well for disabled and did a procura and Neuro monitoraggio throughout his entire life and on his bank accounts.
They never told him and pretend he would be disabled because they don't understand his empathy side with which I had fallen in love in 2018 and

The times that the card that albi had made for me did not work despite of money was because Sara giramonti Nadia giramonti and Gianni giramonti did block that card.

They contacted Giacomo Leonardo Costa and gave him even more money to get rid of me and they co acted vito lapetina in 2020.

And they deceived distant relatives of me from Venice and Sicily and pret need that one of them would be me stealing huge heritage amounts and confidential knowledge and giving that to the fascists, giving that to the windings and giving that to the Camorra and to Ukraine!!!

They deceived my GOOD distant relatives who protect people from abusive governments and abusive state agents and from disgusting fascists to steal from them and give it to the fascists and to let get rid of me.

They are as well best friends with Roberta danti and her family who are active in organized abuse at lake Garda at malcesine and they wanted to take revenge because I would have destroyed their "business".

Calling organized abuse as business is insanity!!!

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/23/2023.


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