Saskia Charlotte Junker

s riously?!? Leo Lennie Lennard Giacomo Costa is HIMMLER??

Well.. this goes too far.

That fuxked up son of a bitch of April may 2022 is said to be related directly to HIMMLER?!?

THE OTHER DISGUSTING NAZI BREED who was friends with Goering,Goebbels,Eicke ,Hitler and wissing????
Just another disgusting discovery.

Can someone please finally arrest that war criminal breed?!?

As well it probably makes sense to do investigations on all employers I had at lake Garda seen all of them turned out tohave been either part of it from the beginning or sorptrsser after they gave me work:

2016 Club Hotel Olivi Malcesine, Villa Isabella Assenza, Goethe Travels/BREG bus company, camels zeni ( elderly care /personal assistant

2017 Lago Tourist/Breve Bus company, Costa Crociere Costa Favolosa

2018 Hotel Drago, Assenza , Garage Store (Christina bellela)

2019 One spa world onboard spa Steiner, afterwards work and travel with work

Ever after they managed to destroy each and every opportunity to find work already beforehand.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/24/2023.


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