Wendy C. Barton

Take a Chance


I look around
you're all I see
the space between

step out of the darkness
into my arms
lets dim the shadows
that tear us apart

bring out of hiding
your vulnerable side
I will stop fighting
just try to confide
that you are the light

search within me
the peace you seek
inhale my essence
feel my presence
fulfill, your every need

the sound of your voice
calling my name
drowns out the noise
within my head

'till the end of time
when we're all that remains
I know we will find
we had everything to gain.

6/23/04 by Wendy C. Barton

I wrote this poem on my ex boyfriend's and my 7th year anniversary. We were not doing so well at the time. I felt as though he wasn't being completely honest about things with me. I wanted so much to be closer to him but in the end it was best to separate. Authors comment


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