Andre M. Pietroschek

The Witch I Fear! (Free Verse Poetic Musing)

The Witch I Fear! A free verse poetic musing.
© Andre Michael Pietroschek, all rights reserved 

The Witch I Fear:
No ill-reputed mortal woman she will be!
No ambitious Wiccan copycat of Crowley,
No fulfilling of Gerald Gardner’s scheme.

The Witch I Fear:
Is certainly not a stranger to treachery & betrayal.
Is not fleeing from big-city-trauma into the woods.
Is not busy juggling occult & science along her way.

The Witch I Fear:
Won’t ride a broomstick, nor cackle aloud at night.
Won’t ever be incautious, blatant, dumb, or sloppy.
Won’t care that lesser mortals even may shun her. 

The Witch I Fear:
Will not be undone by a cosmic horror creature.
Will not be shot dead by a dutiful County Sheriff. 
Will not be forgiving on those trying to thwart her.

The Witch I Fear:
Has crossed that threshold of mortality many years ago.
Has negotiated with Good & Evil on her terms of conduct.
Has progressed farther than any occult book could reveal!

The Witch I Fear:
Is a phenomenon, no longer just a nightmare expressed.
Is powerful beyond what mortal science considers possible.
Is aware she will still be here, when mankind has perished.

The Witch I Fear:
Won’t be your loony gardener turned drug dealer or poisoner.
Won’t be that psychologist building her criminal sect minions.
Won’t be caught by police, whenever I am too lazy, or too weak.

The Witch I Fear:
That is the witch, who swallowed her pride, on whatever side.
That is the witch living, not dabbling about, her witching path.
That is the witch, who I can certainly NOT survive once more!

Yeah, the witch we want to be true. Not the deranged gardener, not the drug-dealing prostitute in disguise...
In a way, it is cherishing the great performances of actors & actresses, some rare video games, and last but
not least my worldview against all odds.
Authors comment

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andre M. Pietroschek.
Published on on 02/15/2023.


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