Andre M. Pietroschek

Cthulhu Stalwarts – Luvcrafty's final stand

Cthulhu Stalwarts – Luvcrafty's Final Stand 
© Andre Michael Pietroschek, all rights reserved.
That Night in Dagon's Belch, down in good ole Arkham; 
Our sane Sheriff Luvcrafty prepared for his final stand. 
He would soon die fightin' with a weapon in each hand.
Blue eyes' sight grimly set, on that arrivin' cultist band!
His deputies aside him, them three against these odds.
Unafraid of cosmic horror 'em don't flinch due to shots.
The cultists look upon them, weird pride upon true grit.
More than one damn cultist panty fillin' with warm shit.
Rifles & sixguns started blazing, Death came as hot lead. 
Em three, who stood for sanity killed 'em all by godspeed.
As everything went silent and 'em Miskatonic folks arrived.
Them survivors proudly ensured that no evils had survived.

Yes, it is only a crappy respin of my `Norse - Thorson's Last Stand´ poem. No homo-erotic ode to Cthulhu, no attempt to glorify a
morphine+heroin-addicted loony-bin escapee gone racist aka H.P. Lovecraft either.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andre M. Pietroschek.
Published on on 03/09/2023.


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