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 - They are only emotionally oriented - Only know "welcome culture" - Wave through - Whether entry is legal or illegal they don't give a fuck - "We can do it!" - Lean effective, consistent border security - otherwise the be-all and end-all of a sovereign state or a functioning community of states - do not keep ("Schengen") external borders tight - but are also not willing and/or not able to then at least consistently + effectively secure the internal borders ( = "PLAN A" ! ! ) ... - Motto: "After me the deluge!"
- Your refugee concept is only based on "emotional quicksand". And you can't build a stable conception on sand. - They just take it as it comes... They are suspicious of any wise foresight + self-security - For them, the interests of asylum seekers and refugees are paramount, even if this causes severe, threatening turbulence in Germany + Europe - you even then do not know any limitation and quotas for flows of asylum seekers and refugees - but demand from the sensible to take over their almost suicidal, dangerous lack of conception. And that's as if the trainee says to the foreman: "Everything is at my command - I'll decide now where to go!" Of course, the foreman will never agree - at most ask him if he's still sane.

 - That's what I call a good deal (absolutely CYNICAL !!! ! ): The pope or the extremely rich church takes in 3 refugees and the chaotic people take in the remaining millions (in the long-term total calculation including family reunification) - chaotic people do that too happy to do half the stuff - don't stay consistent with the main priority, e.g. B. to prevent another refugee/asylum invasion in any case and with priority... and to subordinate everything else to that.
- They also like to be threatened/blackmailed by refugees + asylum seekers, like this: If you don't open all the doors for us right away, then you'll soon have half the continent (Africa) ante portas. And then you look bad ... because chaotic people (as well as weak people/dumbheads, naive/unworldly + stupid people) don't want a border-secured "Fortress Europe". Refugees + asylum seekers: " That's our luck + your bad luck ! " - They like it when things go really haywire in a refugee/asylum tsunami ... no one knows exactly how it will continue ... when + how it ends. Playing poker haphazardly and waving through in a friendly manner are completely sufficient for them. - Like to refer to paragraph so-and-so of the Asylum Act, without reflecting on whether it still makes sense at all, is now of secondary importance and/or dangerously burdensome for the local population, "social peace", financial budget, etc., etc.


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