Barbara Stahl-Mosch

Michael - we loved you

Michael  -
and now you're gone
Kind of an artist's life has ended
That's way too sad and way too early
And like James Taylor said
We always thought some day we'd meet again

Gone are the trips to Greece in those hot summers
When we four sang old folk songs in the car
to stay awake from Petrovec to Athens
Gone are the bets who'd sleep out in the meadow
And get gnats' prey with swollen eyes in dawn

There's still the photo that you took when I was sleeping
There's still your voice that says my name is panic
There's still the boy who saw the sign "Apprentice wanted"
And just went in to sell some hardware near the church

One of your girlfriends said to me "You must be better
But if you feel you can't, you have to quit"
One day she left your studio and i wonder
Was she the one who hurt or was it you?

You took so many pieces of our youth by leaving
They're lost and gone with you, and I'm here thinking
About a boy who charmed and cheated,
A charismatic boy with such a staggering smile

Thank you for coming to my wedding
You must have been so weary that cold day
I would have loved to say goodbye and see you leaving
I'd given you a rose , my love
And all our memories.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Barbara Stahl-Mosch.
Published on on 06/06/2023.


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