Norman Tek

Eating the white chinese

I dreamed about the chinese women I met in Frankfurt again......
She was lifing like a alien in the foreign community.
The people did not like her and gave her names like
-cheap toy puppet- , - rice snail-.....they did not used her real name Shin.
She was a busy business women and involved in many money affairs too....also she worked
or was the owner of a china shop and restaurant. I do not remember it exactly,
what she was aal involved in, also did not asked her, but I saw her naked body.
I would not even say -sex-, because it was a kind of interchange.......and not really orgasmus
I usually also do not like the word -Geschlechtsverkehr-, the german name for sexual intercourse,
but meaning -traffic of sexes or bodies-, even it reflects the truth of friction, but there
is a intercourse of feeling the other body parts....therefor the english word is more suitable.
More or less I would imagine it as a kind of tongued rubbing, kissing, licking and swallow.
Once ther was a book named " How to eat a white chinese..." I bought it, but never read it.....
Maybe I should have read it before.....I met Shin.....
In any way the kissing was a kind of privilege for me.
She had a extraordinary pale and white soft skin firm mostly I kissed her on the cheaks and
not the lips.....
Shin did never appear so much in public and was hidding her self overdressed and ugly covered
like a religious minded women.
In the same time she ..and for a degree me too, hated all the disgusting and gossiping customer
around the community.
Of course it was also not a proper enviroment for a serious women......but
Miss Shin was bravely doing business with cheap things. She was screaming and cursing with such a
hight noice to them. I noticed that they mostly escaped then....
I guess she had some guards too , but was more successful with screaming.....even the guards
ran away from high voiced female complaints...
I met her like some time before. Now it was another place. Another city.
I just ordered a sweet-sour soup, but received only a room-key wrapped in red paper,
with the sprucely writen note. "Your soup will be served upstairs at the room."
This day I did not see her and also not in the room when I entered.
She must have seen me downstairs.
The room was darken . No window open.
There was only a single cheap IKEA desk and IKEA Chair in the middle.
On it a red table plate and big hot steaming deep plate of soup.
I started to it...I liked her chinese soups a lot and ate them all....and ...
but you could not say I only liked her too, because I adored her for some reasons.
Then she came quietly without Welcome some time later to make herself up, just in font of me.
Thats why I think there was a kind of eating her......
therefore she turned her back to me, in front of a big old fashioned dark
mirror and wah basin...... unfolding her long black her, washing it carefully, cord for cord,
while I was spponing the plate....
then slowly disdressing her redisch clothes and black underwear,
washing her open nude parts slowly as in a religious zeremony and
standing naked backside only some meters away,
while I was watching her strong firm back and deep folded bottom gaps.
Shin silently used lot of moisture creams distributing it with the palms everywhere...
and then at least puting on a very strong red lipstick....when I was finishing the soup.......
after 1 hour or so....
Then she was ready.....walking towards me...I adored her white body very much...
Firm full bosoms....a fish slit pussy....big cambered...a short black cut wisker above..
she posed over the soup plate...gauged white legs..then waiting devotingly for any penetration...
I should have slide her the spoon inside....
but then I used the backside knob of the unused knife...
She opend with a "blllbbb" and there was more slut bigness, below I placed my tongue and
Juiced her creme fraiche....a sour deep flavor
Above her small nippels flowered up...her face so serious......
after I pulled out the deep stuffed knife knob.. she squirted with a high scream...
"...whiiiiiiii...whhhiiiiiiii....." running away, leaving the door pale naked...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Norman Tek.
Published on on 11/25/2006.


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