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Teen Life

When it was my thirteenth birthday, I was overjoyed that the moment has come for me to become a teenager. I would be given more responsibility and freedom. My writing skills would strengthen and become more sharp. To me, the experience of being a teenager thrilled me. I was so focused on the pleasures teenhood, that I almost ignored my sisterís warning. I didnít understand at first, but realized later what she meant. I (and I think many others) realized that teenage life has as many sweets as it does sours.

As a teen, IĖand probably many othersĖlove the sweets teenhood brings. You are given more freedom from your parents. You can actually have some privacy with the freedom you have. The talents you have start to strengthen and become sharp. Iíve noticed my writing becoming more descriptive and in depth. Also, you can get a job and earn your own money. Of course, you have to get parental consent before doing so.

As I said before, being a teenager isnít all happy and fun. Most of the time, youíre living an extreme nightmare. Adults place higher expectations on you as you get older. The peer pressure starts to kick in, along with backstabbing. As you start to gain friends, you lose friends as well. The mood swings come and go. To make matters worse, you receive more homework. Thatís a nightmare!

All in all, teen life can be really stressful. With so many things going on, a teenager can barely breathe! I, for one, can tell from experience that teenhood can really be a bummer, with no fun at all. And then, it can be heaven. That is just the way life goes. Right now, the teenage life is hard to live. Guess what? Itís my life.


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Published on on 06/07/2007.


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