Tobias Keitel

Winds of Ice

So far behind a crystal mind,
there is another world to find.
With absolutely no emotion,
this world is like a frozen ocean.
A moist and frozen paradise,
reflected by my black-plate-eyes.
I need the raging winds of ice,
to blow away the stench of lies.
Winds of ice, let me arise
from that swamp of human lies!
Neverending snowfall
covers all in white,
below the shining stars,
that glimmer in the night.
Crystal diamonds guide my way!
This world is far too cold to stay.
I have to get out of my mind,
before the shining makes me blind.
Winds of ice, let me arise!!!
(This is a songtext, that I've written years ago. It's in use. A few people said, that it seems to 'em like an English poem.)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Tobias Keitel.
Published on on 08/12/2007.


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