Shannyn Oakley

Spencer Academy

"What you doing?" Pyker turned around quickly to look at whoever had spoken.
"Geez Connor, donít sneak up on me!" He hissed back at the curly haired boy. Who simply shrugged and sat down on the top of stairs beside his older brother.
"So, what are you doing?" Connor repeated, glancing down the stairs at the party their parents were throwing. "Arenít you grounded? When do we got back to Spencer? Have you seen Marie? Have..." He was cut of by a hand over his mouth.
"Shut up, your gonna get me caught. Now to answer your many questions, Iím waiting for J.R to get away from the party. Yes Iím grounded. We go back in September you idiot. And Marie is out with Prissy-Missy."
"Why is she hanging around with Missy Fontaine? I thought she hated that girl." He reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a lollipop, ribbed off the plastic and stuck it in his mouth. "Keafer is down there with J.R, and his parents."
† Loud classical music was being blasted from the stereo in the living room. As the adults of Essife danced and talked about "grown-up stuff". The few unlucky teenagers and kids down there were all standing in a circle saying nothing only starring at each other like they had never met before. The Adamsí were known for throwing the best parties this time of year. J.R Westly and his friend Keafer Darthin were among the kids, plotting silently how they were going to sneak out of the room and up the stairs to safety.
"Keaf, come on. My dadís drinking nowís our chance." He whisperer to the blond boy across from him. "You ready?"†
"Yea. Pyk should be waiting on the stairs."
† They dropped to their knees and quickly crawled across the carpet, almost getting stepped on twice by slightly-drunk party goers. Standing up once they were out of the party, they looked up at the stairs to see their best friends.
"Hurry!" Pyker hissed turning to run up the stairs two at a time. Connor and the others followed.
Pyker led them up another flight of stairs to the dusty attic. Closing the door behind them, he smiled and sat down on a beanbag chair.
"I canít believe we got out alive! My dad was getting so drunk, he was starting to do his Elvis impersonation." J.R joked from his place on the floor.
"Itís not fair. How come Broden and all them get to go out, but we have to stay here and suffer!" Yelled an overly-dramatic Connor. Keafer nodded in agreement and returned to look out the window. Out of all four boys Keafer was the quietest, while Connor and Pyker shared being the loudest.
" So you still like Prissy-Missy?" Pyker asked J.R who hit him hard in the arm.
"No! Ewww sheís like ewww. But, I heard Ruby has a huge crush on Con-man!" Connor stood up and tackled J.R to the ground. Pyker laughed loudly when his little brother won the fight.
†They sat, or in Keaferís case stood, and talked about the party, Ruby Tapeworth and Prissy-Missy. An hour later, blue and red flashing lights shone through the windows from outside. Seconds later the door bell rang.
"Why are the police here?" Pyker questioned looking outside then back at his friends.
"I donít know. Maybe their here for the party. Or to arrest you!" Connor replied, shaking his unruly hair out of his eyes. They remained quiet to see if they could hear any talking, the music had been turned off. Someone knocked on the door,
"Pyker, Connor?" They asked, slowly opening the door. Carla Masters came in, her eyes were red, she had been crying. "Boys, thereís something you need to know." She spoke softly and half smiled.
"What is it?"†
"There was an accident, Marie...she..." She stopped and closed her eyes before continuing. "Sheís didnít make it, sheíd gone. Iím so sorry."†
Connor, Pyker, Keafer and J.R all starred up at her, there faces blank with emotion.
"Your lying!" Connor screamed, tears falling from his brown eyes. "Your lying! Sheís not dead! Sheís not." He got up and ran from the room. Keafer went to go follow but was stopped.
"Just let him go, he needs time to calm down." Pyker said. Tears threatened to fall but he didnít allow them to, Connor and Clair need him to be strong right now. Especially Connor, Marie was the one he looked up to, the only one besides Keafer who could get him talk when he was upset or sad. Now she was gone.†
"What happened?" This time it was J.R who asked, he was crying as well seeing as he had known Marie since he was born.
"She was found near the edge of the island, they donít know what exactly happened. But, theyíll find whoever did that." Carla smiled weakly, mumbled another Ďsorryí and left. Closing the door on her way out.
"Who...who could kill...her? Pretty much everybody on Essife is here."†
"I canít believe it. Itís Marie, sheís only thirteen." Keafer said sadly.
"Hey happy birthday loser!" J.R called up the stairs. Pyker trudged out of his room groggily,
"Why the hell did you have to come so early?"†
"Because we love ya!" Connor laughed jumping on his back. Pyker effortlessly flipped him over onto the ground with a loud thump. "Jesus good morning to you too" Connor choked out getting up.
Pyker, yawning and stretching out his arms he slid down the banister right past them.
"God our day off and we have to spend it with zombie boy here" Keafer grumbled.
"I heard that Darth!" Pyker shouted the kitchen.
"Well its true wake up! We got you something, well mom and dad did but we're taking credit for it." Connor said jumping around him, shoving, and punching him.
"Fine get off of me!" Pyker chuckled elbowing him off.†
"Okay get you ass out here!" They heard J.R bark from out on the driveway. Pyker stared at all of them, and arched his eyebrows. Tossing an apple in his hands, he walked outside. The others by his side.
The apple fell from his hands, and rolled away. "Dude!" he shouted walking out in disbelief. A sparkling new, glossy black Dodge Charger sat right dab in the middle of the gravel driveway.
"Its all yours Pyk" J.R said tossing him the keys.
"But thereís a catch, you have to drive us to school" Connor said.
To celebrate the big day, Pykerís eighteenth birthday, they drove out to a local diner Dead Eye Petes.
"Okay order anything!...thatís under thirty bucks" Keafer mumbled.
"Look my actual birthday is tonight, so don't get all proxy_happy on me alright? "
"Oh goody, here comes Connors girlfriend!" Keafer said sarcastically nodding towards the entrance. Ruby and her rat dog Sprinkles tip toed in blabbering on a cell phone.
"Shut your face" Connor said through clenched teeth.
"Great, anyone have ear plugs?" J.R asked. Ruby had it in her head that she had to talk ten times louder to people when she was on the phone.†
"Uh hi!" She started, "Can I have the low fat, soy milk, cappuccino!?" She shouted, her voice was high pitched and ratty just like her Yorkshire Terrier. The waitress looked at, trying not to laugh,
"Uh we serve food here, we don't have..that."
"What? You mean this isn't Starbucks!?"
"No Im sorry Ma'am" The waitress said, a smile creeping across her face. Ruby huffed, and yanked her dog out the door.
The guys burst out laughing, Connor fell over gasping, "I can't breathe!"
"Oh god, what a birthday present" Pyker laughed. The waiter brought their drinks.
"Cheers, to Pykerís eighteenth birthday, and to going back to school tomorrow, time to get away from vacation, and back to boring ass classes" Keafer said raising his glass. Just to fill you in every January they get a week or so to go visit family, just so your not confused.
"God this sucks! I hate school, I want to drop out" Connor grumbled.
Pyker smacked him upside the head. "Your staying in school or so help me Ill kill you" He warned.
"Okay, God calm down" Connor retaliated, rubbing the back of his head.†
"Look, Ill catch up with you guys later, mom wants me to spend at least an hour with her before I leave" Connor shrugged walking out of the diner.†
"Hey, doesn't he want to eat anything?" J.R asked.
"Nah, he'll be alright" Pyker said playing with his fork.
The sky went from blue to a grey, a cold wind rustled his hair.
He lied to the guys back at the diner, he had already spent 2 hours watching episodes of ' I Love Lucy ' with his mother the night earlier. Instead of going to the house, he took a detour to the cemetery. Walking through the rows and rows of headstones. Reading the names as he passed by. Until he stopped at a beautiful white marble headstone, with the name Marie Faith Adams. He sat cross-legged infront of it, running his fingers over the engraving.†
"Hey" He whispered. "I know your somewhere, looking down on us, and that sounded really corny I know how much you hate that but still...Its Pykerís birthday and I have to slug him for you. I wish you were here to celebrate his big day with us". He blinked away tears, and took a deep breath, "God I promised myself I wouldn't cry damnit!" He laughed.
He felt a hand on his shoulder, Pyker looked down at him, then sat down leaning back on his hands. "I talk to her too" He whispered.†
Connor looked at his brother, " I just wish she was here with us...Why of all people did she have to die? What did she do!?" Connor shouted, his voice cracking. Pyker put his arm around his shoulder and sighed.
"I know Con...I know, its seems unfair, but these things happen."
"But why her?" He whispered.
"That I don't know, no one does in this world these days."
"The least they could have done is find out who did this to her!" Connor said angrily.
"They tried their best Connor they did all they could."
"Obviously they didn't, because that lunatic is still out there, I hope he's dead" Connor said mournfully.
"Come on we should get back before the others leave without us" Pyker said standing up. Connor would always get a little freaky if they talked about Marie for too long, so Pyker always tried to change the subject. Out of the whole family, Connor had taken it the hardest, going in and out of counseling, snapping at therapists. His parents had given up, so Pyker took in on himself to watch over his little brother.†
"Wow that was a quick hour" Keafer teased.
"Ha ha youíre a laugh riot Keaf, my mom went out grocery shopping" Connor lied again.†
"Fine anyway, I have to go Ill see you guys tonight alright?" J.R said taking one last sip of his Dr.Pepper, and putting some money on the table.
"Same, I need to find all my crap before we leave" Keafer said, putting his share of the bill in.
"Oh Pyker by the way..." Connor smiled, hiding something behind his back.
"Surprise!" He shouted smashing a piece of chocolate cake into his face, "Happy birthday Pykey."†
That night they all gathered in the attic to celebrate. Sitting in bean bags, they sat around telling embarrassing stories about Pyker making a total ass of himself.†
"Okay nothing tops his pants being ripped off by that seeing eye dog in training at school".†
"Oh contraire what about the time I glued him to the toilet seat at the mall?" Connor laughed†
"Jesus can we stop?" Pyker pleaded.
"No way dude this is tradition!" J.R declared.
† Connor sipped on his red bull, and stared up at the many lanterns there mother had set up while they were away. Red, blue, green glowing lights, she said it added 'ambiance' to the space, Connor just thought his mother watched too much Trading Spaces. Sick amounts of pizza, and flourescent, sugar filled drinks. Life couldn't get much better than this. But sometimes it was still awkward for Connor, being the youngest out of the group, and annoying for Pyker having to hang around with his younger brother. Luckily most of the time, the two forgot they were even related. Pyker flicked on the mini tv they dragged up earlier. The fuzzy, black and white picture glared out. And immediately they became television zombies, watching the tv guide.
"Here it comes! thirty more seconds and you'll be legally able to drink!...In Quebec anyway". Counting down in there heads they reached the home stretch.†
"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1!" The minutes one was said, the lanterns exploded in a domino effect. Showering sparks, and shards of glass on them in a swirl of colorful paper.
The tv screen blew out, and send glass flying at them. They flipped over their beanbags, and heard the tearing sounds of the fabric.†
"Damnit!" J.R snapped as a jagged piece sliced his arm.
Looking up, they were incomplete darkness. Except for the white glow of the moon, behind thick black clouds.
Connor stood up, kicking away bits of the television, "That was creepy".†
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Shannyn Oakley.
Published on on 09/16/2007.


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