Atul Aherwar

Walking down that road

Walking down the road, thinking of something,
Waiting for something, everyday,
With dark gloomy eyes, half-asleep, I walk down that road,
Like everyday, like everyday,
There I see someone standing, looking somewhat lost,
I walk somewhat near her, with my friend,
I wish, as always.

Days go by, days go by,
All these stares, makes some sparks fly.
Everyday I go, with something new, unusual,
I wonder all the way, how can this happen,
Days have gone, days will come,
May I would never see them again,
Those eyes,
Maybe I would never see them again,
Tearing me deep inside,
Clear, subtle, sharp!!

I wondered about them all day,
I always wanted to say a HI!!!
But never could I break the wall of me being shy.
Days have gone, days will go,
I still wonder what I should do,
Till this day, I always think and go,
Someday I will surely know,
O’ those eyes, have hit me hard,
Till this day, I remember her glance,
I wish I can see them again,
Those eyes have hit me hard,
Oh what a joking wonderful stroke of luck.

God has played; I am looking at her,
And so is she,
I go along with her, although,
I still don’t know what to say.
Weeks and weeks have passed, for this one day,
Maybe I’ll know, what will happen next,
Oh god, how this day has come.
Can anyone help me out, oh god,
Help me through this,
We are strangers everyone knows,
Do does she & as well as me.
Well, I sat next to her, I praised my luck,
I just couldn’t stop thanking god, and said in my mind,
“God Exists!!”
I smile to her, and so does she,
And that’s the time I just can’t stop giggling inside
Now it’s time to go,
Oh what a time it was, I’ll never forget,
I wish this moment to last to forever, I just wish,
I just wish.
We both exchanged a smile,
Now we know, we know each other,
Although that’s a fake assurance, maybe we’ll never know,
Now I got up, preparing to leave,
Today we are strangers,
Tomorrow we are not!!

Slip of fate...
Yes you might call it
The moment just broke 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Atul Aherwar.
Published on on 09/29/2007.


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