Abu Zubair

Salaam, Salaam Sweet Earth

Salaam, Salaam
Sweet Earth


Abu Zubair

I salute the sweetness of the moist earth

Fragrance twisted with earth, flowers, humanity

The Salaam goes to the Planet

Mother Earth

Are we murdering you?

Are we?

Nurture Nature.

Salaam, Salaam

Sweet Earth


Salaam the shimmering moonlight on the Salton Sea ,

The colors are broadcast like a farmer spreading seeds and fertilizer.

Salaam sweet earth, I pray for you on my knees in this moist earth that is quickly drying out!

I pray that you dont become barren,

Like the bareness of the wastelands of Africa or the coming desertification of India or the drying parched fields of California lacking water.

What mysterious mysteries of the past do you hold?

Salaam, Salaam Mother Earth, I pray for you on wet knees dug into the moistness of your earth.

Take me oh Lord, Take me to the sweet embellishment of fruits and vegetables growing on the fertile fields.

Oh Gods of Nature, do not be forlorn as we Mankind must wake up and take heed and in one chorus state:


Salaam, Salaam

Sweet Earth




All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Abu Zubair.
Published on e-Stories.org on 12/07/2007.


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