Ivana Herrmann

My Prince

In moments of silence I think of thee,
My prince, my love, my only one.
Though still I wonder what will be
In unknown times that are to come.
In gloomy times I sit and see
A pale moon rising at the sky.
What will become of you and me
I wonder as you ask me why.
And silently I take your hand
My lips kiss yours so soft and red.
As you embrace me we both land
On our smooth canopy bed.
I hold you tight, we are so near
You feel my breath, caressing me.
And then I whisper in your ear
The words I have composed for thee:
“I think of thee when storms are raging
And so do I when I am sole.
I think of thee when war is waging
And when the world has lost control.
I think of thee in times I lie
In fields of gold and frosty hoar.
And so do I in hot july
At sandy beaches and white shore.
I think of thee in lonely night
When distant dreams are calling me
And in the blazing morning light -
The days are nothing without thee.”
You look at me and see the fear
and worry in my eyes.
I desperately want to hear
no parting and goodbyes.
And there are tears of sorrow
running down my cheek.
What if there’s no tomorrow
For our love unique?
You kiss away my sensless fear,
Give me a smile your loving way.
And then you say “Don’t worry dear,
We’ll stay together – come what may.”


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Ivana Herrmann.
Published on e-Stories.org on 02/05/2008.


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