Troy Betts

Draic: Kin of Dragons

While I have both the strength and nobility of my draconic father, I was cursed with the despicable visage of a human scum. However, I did not dwell on my shortcomings. Instead, I used my appearance as a strength.
I waged many a bloody battle upon the humans, utilizing there own pathetic tools of destruction against them. It was nearly twenty moons ago when I waged what was to be my most glorious battle against the filth that had invaded my lands. Little did I realize, it was to be my final battle with the filth as well.
It was a mild winters night. The moon was full, casting it's enchanting rays of light against the softly drifting snowflakes, illuminating all in a faintly bluish glow. I was gorging myself on the freshly torn entrails of a foolish knight who believed he could take my head, as the wind carried the sound of more than a thousand human soldiers across the snow covered plains.
I was riddled with curiosity as to how mere mortals could muster the courage to contest my rule over the land. I decided to meet the humans in a diplomatic response to there invasion. Gathering several of my subsidiaries, I moved to converse with their matriarch, Gwenalia Stormbrooke, whom I had conversed with on several occasions.
As my mostly elder dragon followers and I descended a ridge overlooking the vast human army, the sound of marching soldiers became overwhelmed with the thundering sounds of bow strings snapping against their oak wood staves. A small array of arrows struck the ground, clearly only a warning of the archers skills as the steel tipped arrows formed a complete circle around me.
Motioning form my brethren to hold there positions, I began to approach the vast human army alone. As I moved ever closer, a lone human began it's approach in stride. Abiding by human culture, I ceased my approach at the length of three spears, and bowed my head to greet and honor my adversary.
"What is your quarrel with me today soldier?" I asked in a solemn voice as I raised up to look upon the face of the human infidel.
"I have come to take your life, Draic, Kin of the dragons. You have slain many a fine warrior along with many peasant folk. You must be destroyed." A brash yet feminine voice called out to me from beneath a lavish silver helm.
"Well well, if it isn't m'lady Stormbrooke. What leads you to believe that you can accomplish what so many others have failed to do?" I taunted in an attempt to disburse much of the female's courage.
"I wont be like the others. My armor is made from dragon scales, and my sword from a dragons tooth." She exclaimed.
"Hmm... You have the scent of my father in your armor, am I to presume you have slain the great king of beasts? No..his scent is only in your armor, you were not the one to take his life. This intrigues me, how could a mere human bring down an elder of such great strength? And whom may I thank for accomplishing the deed?" I asked with a grin, suppressing the rage I felt at a human wearing the scales of a fellow dragon.
"What do you mean by that half-breed?" She asked with confusion and hatred in her voice.
"Half-breed I may be, though I am fully draconic in my strength and nobility."
"Nobility? There is nothing noble about one who slaughters innocent people for fun and games!"
After spouting her insult, the treacherous female drew her sword and attacked me with vicious speed and accuracy. Her swings were ferocious in power, equal to that of the most powerful of dragons. Clearly tapping into the strength of her equipment, I was left with no choice but to defend myself by avoiding her strikes.
Her energy was admirable as she continued to pursue me for several minutes without landing a single blow. Deciding to show her that she was nothing more than an object for my enjoyment, I avoided a vicious swing and lunged towards her in an attempt to seize her ill gained cutlery.
To my surprise, this is exactly what she wanted. As I grasped the sword in her right hand, she managed to strike my face with a dagger she had concealed in her left hand. I reeled back in pain relinquishing my grasp on her sword.
"Heh, did you think I would not come prepared to take on one such as yourself?" She scoffed, resting her sword on her shoulder, and dropping the dagger on the ground.
"Pretty clever for a human, but you have only sealed your fate. I thought you more intelligent than to attack a dragon, yet you prove your disdain for life by inciting this little rebellion of yours. You are nothing more than cattle to be slaughtered for my amusement. I will wear your flesh, as you wear my fathers as I devour all the you have built. You humans will not be given another glimpse of freedom as I shall tear every last one of you pathetic scum asunder!" I exclaimed, allowing my anger to flow free.
I lunged toward the female warrior as she attempted the same trick as before, striking at me with a hidden dagger in her left hand. I quickly dropped to the ground, easily avoiding the strike. Without giving her time to react, I grabbed the dagger laying on the ground and gracefully rose to my feet, bringing the blade swiftly across her neck.
Dropping her weapons, she stammered backwards as she began to choke on her own blood. After a mere five steps, she collapsed to the ground as her eyes began to glaze and her body fell limp. I had expected the human masses to scamper away in fear for having just lost their leader, however they began to charge my position while making brutish noises and waving their weapons in the air.
I motioned for my subsidiaries to attack as I picked up the impure sword and charged the humans intent on destroying all of their kind. For days we battled the humans in bloody combat with no rest. Wave after wave of knights engaged us with no fear of death in their hearts. One after another, my subordinates began to fall under the continuous volley of both arrow and sword.
Days turned to weeks as all but my fiercest companions and I lay dead amongst the masses. The once snow covered valley had become a marshland of corpses, both human and draconic. After nearly three weeks of nonstop killing, my human body grew tired and weak. Determined not to let the humans win this battle I continued to fight on, slaying one foolish knight after another.
As the moon was rising over the twentieth day of battle, the humans forces had been severely depleted, as I now stood alone a mere thirteen humans. When last the realized I stood alone, they ceased their attack and stared me down with scowling eyes. As I began my final attack on the tightly packed humans, I heard a sound that couldn't possibly be real.
"I'm surprised you've lived this long Draic, Kin of the dragons." A familiar feminine voice applauded.
"So, you deceived me once again and survived this far into the battle have you...Gwenalia Stormbrooke." I panted, fatigue finally overwhelming me as I collapsed to one knee.
"Simple deception. You did not fight against me, you fought a warrior maiden who simply pretended to be me. She disguised her voice and kept her face hidden rather well. It's a shame you got the better of her, but then again, I had no doubt you wouldn't. I trained her personally, however, she did not have the breeding for such a fight, unlike myself." She spoke down to me as if she were superior to the dragons.
"You claim you have the breeding necessary to take on a dragon, yet you have the stench of a mere human. You hold your race in high regards, though you are still mere cattle for the likes of one such as I." I proclaim as I force myself to my feet.
"Your kind is so easily deceived by fragrant perfume. I share the same blood as you Draic, we come from the same father." She said with confidence and honesty in her voice. "Now prepare to die so that I may finally take my rightful place as fathers heir!" She bellowed as she lunged towards me with a fang from an elder dragon.
Her blinding speed allowed for her to gain an easy victory over me, as my war torn body refused to avoid her attack. The tooth she wielded pierced through my human flesh with ease, as the force behind the blow knocked me off my feet.
Now, I lay here, gasping for breath as the half-breed witch walks off with a grin spread across her lips. My wound is not potentially fatal, and I believe she knows that too. However, suffering such a grievous wound at the hands of my own kin, the elders will forsake my presence and thus I am no longer worthy of the nobility coursing through my veins....until that is..I have my revenge.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Troy Betts.
Published on on 03/25/2005.


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