Fritz Rubin

The last curtain

One day,

I will not be afraid of anything at all

I will not be sorrowful any longer

I will be fearless

I will have overcome despair

I will not have any feeling of hatred

I will see no shadow of a doubt

I will not show any jealousy anymore

I will not speak in anger to anybody

No embitterment will arouse from failure

I will not experience any mobbing

I will no longer be driven by stress

I will not take revenge on anybody

I will not get into a rage

I will be released from any suffering

No disease whatsoever will attack me

I will spread no more tears

Fritz Rubin , Othfresen, and Kerstin Rubin, Ottmarsheim, 24. 05. 2007

Dear Gudrun!
There is more to Fritz' poem as just referring to paradise. Simply by listing all the negative we experience in everyday life, he shows cleary that life is not just fun but means daily hard work with regard to others and to oneself. To overcome those weaknesses and hardship must be part of our present life, but cannot fully be overcome until the last curtain falls ...

Fritz and me agree fully to the aspect you should like to emphasize.

Friendly regards
Kerstin and Fritz
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Published on on 05/27/2008.


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Erlebtes Leben: Mein Meerestraum von Fritz Rubin

Versunken in des Meeres Brandung / sitz ich am weiten Strand, / das Salz der Gischt auf meinen Lippen, / durch meine Finger rinnt der Sand.
Ich schlieߒ die Augen, / geh ein in die Unendlichkeit, / es ist ein irres Sehnen / bis hin zur Ewigkeit.

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