Anna Burstedde-Raptis

My father, my Hero

Right in front of my eyes
you draw the curtain.
A windowless room
refused my sight for hope.

Your omnipresent strength
silenced the heartbeat
in your bosom.
Life you gave me
a living kiss is eagerly awaited.

Often lingered death
on your bed,
and often altered his plans
your tears were his sign of being present.

Death was touched by
your heart of gold
possession was his gain,
This veil my soul in black
where life withered
and stars faint.

To ease the pain of sorry
I declair this poem to you
where in silence I hear you say
Never despair until the end of day.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anna Burstedde-Raptis.
Published on on 08/13/2008.


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