Mike Arnold


In dark and hollow corners, the void creeps in with slow deliberate movements.

Prowling through the deserted street.

I am here to see the umbrage devour the cinders of the sparkling cheer.

I am here to see you frolic

I am here to see you seeing me


In the bright glens of my uncharted homeland slumbers the one desired virtue


Audacious my heart, timid my will, but concordant nights await the dreamers

Our inner essence caught in shells


Adamant, impervious, but ripe to be yielded by the one thought that seals the fragile covenant.


With bright eyes we saunter through the orchard, filled with the relentless residue of our hopes.


You are here to touch the borders

You are here to touch the dirk

You are here to touch the touched


Awe, you tote my tarnished soul


I comprehend the penumbra which covers the houses, the burrows, inhabited by tenants constantly repeating the creed which makes them spur. What is this land but a forlorn playground, with all the games played and nothing left that could bolster my forgiveness. 


And there in the far distance lurks the foe shackled to an endless feud. No word can lift the veil; no dark desire can kiss your lips. Oh, Night embrace my sorrow and let your ivy fingers caress my chastened mind. The fathom awaits the chaperone; let me find sanctuary in perpetual repose.


You have come to beckon me into the






All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Mike Arnold.
Published on e-Stories.org on 09/11/2008.


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