Natascha Sifnakis

Lighthouse Keeper

Evening walks near crashing waves,
Coarse sand between our toes...
You were the one I confide in,
The one I loved the most...
Whipping winds and stormy weather,
Nothing kept us away...
From the little lighthouse by the sea,
I miss so much today...
It knew all our dreams and all the secrets,
Saw quiet times with nothing more to say...
Now tears will come,
Each time I see a lighthouse made of clay...
You were my mentor, my hero,
The one who saved my life...
To youI felt so close,
Now you are my angel in the sky...
In my dreams you come to me,
When I'm in need and tell me - do not cry...
Your biggest secrets you'd kept from me,
But your eyes just couldn't lie...
When fog made the way impassable,
You always used to say...
The weather is like what comes up in life,
Be patient and never show dismay...
You are still around, watching over me,
Showing me the way...
For you I live my life, not ever asking why,
Always grateful to my lighthouse keeper in the sky...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Natascha Sifnakis.
Published on on 04/23/2005.


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