Anna Burstedde-Raptis

The Wind


The Wind


A glacial wind comes hastily

whispering your name.

Send by him, who loved you once,

a chill strikes the heart,

what does it mean?


Breath falters,

the hand of fear

disallow to seize your near.

Which songs without words

are your beloved

emit you by the glacial wind?


Voiceless outcry,

eyes of despair,

deferred bale obeys

the orders of the mystic sphere.


But now, the glacial wind

caresses the delicate skin,

this trembles like an unwilling fading flower-

The Temple,

once build for two.

Your confused emotions

shall sense

the sweetness of his presence,

how warm and dear he always been,

until coldness was arisen

and dismantled

this love affair.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anna Burstedde-Raptis.
Published on on 09/25/2008.


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