Akka Khelelaine

Don't teach me to cry...cuz time's already done

   Don't teach me to cry....as the time's already done



when will u know how much a love u......gal

for whom i defied cities ...and i'll go on defying

if u ask for the sea...in your eyes i'll pour it

if u ask for the sun...in your hands i'll throw it

i love u on the clouds i wrote it

and for the sparrows and trees i sing it

i love u on the water i engrave it

and for children i recite it


don't teach me to cry....cuz time's already done


you are a warm quiver on my frozen fingers

you are a confusing question over my lips

you are a stream of sufferings in my deeps

around which grow green fields

you are the instigator of the crises

that crush the livings and revive the deads


don't teach me to cry...cuz time's already done


you help me my sweet

be the water that revives the seed

tell me sweet lies

to bring back what the past buries

to bridge what seas and mountains separates

to collect from darkness the ashes of memories


 don't teach me to cry...as the time's already done


i am breaking down the world by agonizng words

after i shaped it with the same words

with your sweet  palms u shaped the beauty

and with them u created life out of the rusty

with your soft hands u sieved the sea

that it no longer likes to be salty



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Akka Khelelaine.
Published on e-Stories.org on 11/17/2008.


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