Rolf Pollberg

He is the one!


Trust in god and a happy heart,

these are the two things you should make to your own.

The strong god is your faithful companion

at all difficult ways.


He is the one...


who sends the bright sun of the morning

and so makes your heart happy!


He is the one...


who praises the autumnal forest

with its bright colors!


Your faithful companion is so strong and powerful

as the infinity of a flat and the glory of a night sky.


Recognize the size of the nature

as the true size of your faithful companion.


Your faithful companion every day gives you a merry heart,

a smile that thrills other and makes them free.


He is the one...


who sends to you a star in the dark hours

which leads you!


He is the one...


who can grow and mature you

that you can find your way!


He is...

your faithful companion.

(Rolf Pollberg)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolf Pollberg.
Published on on 01/03/2009.


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