Jens Marquard


itīs better to write him a letter to set him in a good mood, oh boy...stay in love with me, Iīd fly to heaven
above, I canīt get enough of feeling this wonderful thing, My heart beats so fast, I canīt keep my mind
or sleep at night when youīre by my side, my eyes  stare you but they donīt scare you, what I feel is true, do believe itīs rude, you always do your stuff, you ainīt as rough as youīre tough, not only maybe youīre my baby my special baby, letīs get in my bed, fill my head, donīt make me sad, just make me glad,
high fascination without complication, itīs just the pure passion that makes real things happen, youīre like a drug, donīt let me drop, donīt make me sob īcause you build me up, my pulse is racing and I am facing that youīre amazing even not to lazy in giving love to me, youīre supposed to be the one and only for me, itīs so easy to see, my awareness of your sweetness makes me confess that youīre God-blessed, no need for nice dress as your hotness makes it unnecessary to hide you from me, itīs no alcoholism, itīs just your rhythm, this stupid comparison wonīt bring me into prison, but your qualities and your abilities could make me be a thief who would steal for you, then I would be a fool īcause I would make you blue, I am asking you, I am tasking you, your suggestions on my questions are solutions for every problems, now it is sure our future will be happy, youīre the luck for me, your directions are your decisions, your innovations are inspiration in association with my visions that are at once reality it is too good to be, I do realise, I do recognise, your caracter size is so big, no lies, now Iīm speechless, my happiness lets me express, with you Iīm wantless, but one thing from you I want to know is: are you loving me on or say you no.
my L stay O make V the E,
my Love stay Overnight, make Visible the Emotions.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 02/18/2009.


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