Kim Haslam

That Bottle's Shame


I'm watching that bottle in shame

Crouched over in physical pain

I want it to eradicate what I feel

I swallow as much as I can

And suddenly all is ok

Its okay you two fell out of love

and that you broke my heart at a tender age

its okay if you leave and we go our separate ways

Because I'm numb to whatever comes next

Some may say I am dancing with the devil

And so I am; but I will never fall in love

I know his evil ways

I've been down that lonely path

I'm not as naive as you may think

I only let you believe I am weak

This is my game to hide my heart from you

So you can't see all the talent I possess

I can walk away just as fast as I came

And you'll be wishing I never left

You'll be calling out my name

Crouched over in emotional pain

And ill be laughing to myself thinking

Now who wants that bottles shame?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Kim Haslam.
Published on on 02/19/2009.


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