Jason Hatcher


I`ve lived in the shadows for so long
For I could not bear the Light
I prayed to the Lord of the Night
Hoping he`d envelope me in the darkness
And when he sent his disciple
That beauty of hell, the Angel of Death
You appeared before my eyes

Your vision burned within my mind
And in the delirium of a fantasy
You battled her to deliver me
But I continued my long transcend into the depths

Then you became victorious
And followed me into the burning Abyss
As I saw you come for me
The chains that bound my heart
Shattered and burst apart
I called to you and you came to hold me safe

You made me feel as I`ve never felt before
Emotions that I`ve never felt
For I`ve never had such before
I only knew the Primeval need of lust in sin
But you showed me the way of love in purity
I had only sorrow and pain
You gave me joy and serenity
You gifted me with a need for life
But it all depends on you
For I could not live without you 

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Published on e-Stories.org on 03/28/2009.


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