Shweta Kelkar

Stop Violence

Why I ask what they have done
To die such a horrible death
An old ailing father has to arrange
For his younger sonís wreath

Arenít we leaving in a democracy?
Till yesterday we were all free
To wine and dine anywhere
Or all this was a politicianís hypocrisy

 Cameras were flashing
Reporters were yapping
Blood and bodies everywhere
Helpless I sat there just watching

Called up my friends
To ask they were fine
Fearing each time
When was not getting through the line

Death is so easy living is tough
Surrounded by darkness I am lost
My each breath is costing a soldier his life
I owe this one to the dead heroís wife.

Now no more I will cry
No one will die
Itís the time for action
Dare government says we will try

Then I will say
Change the entire history
Celebrate and jubilate
Today is the real Independence Day










All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Shweta Kelkar.
Published on on 04/06/2009.


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