Jens Marquard



loves like a crime,
without sweet taste of lime,


It is over,
wont bring us lower,
I think you wont wonder,
it aint possible any longer,
find your next girl, I hope
youll be fond of her,
I didnt squander,
it makes us grown up,


Boy your effort was excellent,
we had a special treatment,
I hope you can understand,
our recent time brought us to an end,
boy you know youre unique,
what weve had endured weeks,
finally it got too weak,
I wanna say it wasnt in my seek,


boy we were on top,
but I had to stop,
I had to let you drop,
please make it easy and dont sob,
I still appreciate you much,
it is nice to keep your touch,
yet you call me all but cheap,
I hope you do clutch our friendship,


I trusted in my muse,
the right way to choose,
nobody wants to lose,
if youve paid your dues,
theres no need to excuse,
I dont wanna confuse,
but boy lets just use,
this time for new clues,



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 05/12/2009.


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