Jessie Munroe

Little things of life.

The soft petal of a rose takes my breath away


The kind words of a stranger that lifts my spirits


Those are lifes little lessons that I would obey



The laughter of children is pure of peace


The touch of a loved one is true happiness


All of that can create a wonderful feast



The snow falls softy from the sky


The sunrises swiftly in the morning


I dont want one moment of that to pass me by



As my eye lids close for the night


My body is completely relaxed


My dreams begin to take flight



Is the lord the humans imagination and nothing more?


Is love the same in which people just simply adore


If that is true then what are we all here for?



The peace that is around us is real


I dont know all the answers


But, thats just simply how I feel






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jessie Munroe.
Published on on 05/18/2005.


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