Stefanie Haertel

will you ever know



I fell in love with you five years ago
Couldn’t manage to tell you so.
You were always there in front of me
But I just couldn’t speak.
Will you ever know? 

You hypnotized me
And I was paralysed.
I think you felt that I’m in love with you
But would you gimme a sign?
Will you ever know? 

All day and all night I dream of you
And of what we could do.
I can’t concentrate anymore
And the teachers are shouting at me and my marks got so much worse.
I got much more clumsy then I was before
And I don’t really mind the traffic anymore.
Will you ever know? 

I wrote you a letter and so many poems
they say how wonderful you are.
I hope you’ll read them
`Cause it’s all true what I wrote in there. 
 Will you ever know? 

I have your picture in my mind when things go wrong
And I´m whispering your name when I´m feeling insecure.
Your picture and your name saved me and my life.
Will you ever know? 

I hope one day we could be together
Because you are just what I need.
And somehow I think that you would need me, too.
But when I face reality
I don’t think I’ll ever reach you.
You seem so far away
But still you are so close to my heart.
Will you ever know? 

Will you ever know that I love you? 

By Stefanie Haertel



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Haertel.
Published on on 05/20/2005.


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