Nadine Glink

these nights offer five hours of darkness

FIVE HOURS Oī DARKNESSÖ HOW DO YOU KNOW? I WAS UP ALL NIGHT JUST TO FIGURE THAT OUT TO SEE SHADOWS OF WHATS GONE I LET THEM FENCE ME IN THEY NEVER SPOKE A WORD OF THEIR NEW LIFE BUT I GUESS, ITíS COLDER THERE CAN ONE SEE THE SUN IN BETWEEN SPHERES? THEY WRAPPED ME UP IN COLD LIGHT SPARKLES BELOW AND ABOVE AND EVEN TO MY SIDES I never knew a thing about that. I couldnít stop her when she tapped towards my door. This was the last thing I heard before the silence. Iím not sure about how long one can stand this, maybe one week will be enough to stomp me out of my mind again. Start something new. Iím not keen on restarting, going back to point zero. Just a tad too attached. Suppressed by all of my childish fears. I was afraid of you. I was afraid of myself. FOUR HOURS TO GO AND NIGHT BECOMES MY FRIEND DíYOU SECOND THAT? IíVE DREAMT ANY POSSIBLE DREAM TO ITS END ALL IMAGINARY ONE DEAD BODY LYING IN MY CHAIR I bit my nails down to the roots. Itís okay, darling, isnít it? They can never catch you when your feet canít rest. No oneís gonna touch you when you look so beautifully strong. You donít even know what itís doing to you. Come on, smoke some truth instead. THREE HOURS LEFT IíD DIE FOR THE CLOCK TO HURRY FINALLY GOT USED TO DARKNESS WILL YOU GET USED TO LYING UNDERNEATH? I scratched till I was covered in blood. Still itís okay, darling, itís alright. Iím all by myself, just by myself. Letís go down together. TWO HOURS OF DARKNESS, STILL APATHETIC, UNCONNECTED LOCATED SOMEWHERE BEYOND THE WORLD IT DOESNíT FEEL RIGHT NOT EVEN NICE WONíT YOU CARRY ME HOME? SEE, I DONíT FEEL ALIVE NOT LIKE DYING EITHER I SAW PICTURES OF HER, TAKEN WHEN SHE WAS ABOUT 20 I LOOK A BIT LIKE THAT Where are these lines from? Iíve no idea where I want this to end, maybe itís already destined to become a never ending story. WONíT YOU CARRY ME HOME? Bloody ink, widely spread across my writing pad. No room for anything else. Empty glasses and dishes all over my desk Ė traces of days and nights of hours of smirry unconsciousness. WONíT YOU CARRY ME HOME?, I spoke to no one. CARRY ME HOME, I begged in silence. ONE HOUR UNTIL THE BREAK OF DAWN CANíT WAIT TO SEE THE MORNING SUN YET I DONíT WANT THE NIGHT TO FADE THEREíS NEVER NEED TO LOSE FRIENDS Get me out. Come on, darling, wake me. I need to get lost before I lose myself. The sunís coming up.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nadine Glink.
Published on on 06/22/2009.


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