Jens Marquard



I thought we could relax;
that we could live out our sex;
but boy what does come next,
I see you want me be your ex;


We spend holidays on this ship,
to boost up our relationship,
it is a world journey trip,
youve got something on your heart,
so speak, I look on your lips,
all was nice but you do flip out,
show what justify is about,
I shall call it your last shout,


the disaster our ferry
couldnt us securely carry,
who imagined our ship would sink,
I look in your eyes and you wink,
see the fright in highest form,
it makes me hate this damned storm,
but in life youve to accept on
mother natures exceptions,


the wind is blowing,
the waves are growing,
people they get sea sick,
it is time for panic,
it reminds me on titanic,
rescue who can,
what is wrong with my man,
the storm becomes to rain,


we climb into the lifeboat,
that shall bring us through the float,
I look at you as a person,
hopes we can do some reverse on,
but at first its how it is,
we can get along with this,
one cant speak about vacation,
lets regard it as the next step
of our relationship, ship, ship,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 06/27/2009.


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