Claudia Stechmesser


In the morning, darkness falls
covering our eyes
slipping past unaware
muted and deaf in disguise.

Wringing terror from your throat
as the ice takes hold
captivating your mind and soul
driven insane by the cold.

As the veiled sun travels east
shadowing fiend lands at my feet
death masked by weapons flare
pungent smoke and acrid air

waged by hands following my lead
still hidden in the darkness breed.

Darkness receeds in the twinkling of stars
tawing your soul, freeing your sight
seeing dancing firelight on a crumbled form
recognizing at last features, once oh so bright,

of the brother, who stood proud at your side
now cold on the ground, dead by your hand.
cursing the darkness, the gods, even fate
for waring for deeds, for food and land.

But knowing, even the gentle light burning in our soul
is confined by the darkness present in us all.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Claudia Stechmesser.
Published on on 07/12/2009.


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