Joseph Trance

Meeting Dad

Dad died when I was 18,
it hurt...know what I mean?
I couldn't drive the family to
the wake, didn't take drivers ed..
big mistake..
We walked, then took the bus..
one of the things that made me cuss.

He was a kind man, my dad..
He loved us all very much,
he wasn't a hard man..
no, not at all.
He didn't love his job.
He went to work,
did his job, never faultered
from his responsibiities;
consistent, stable and loving.

I remember wanting him to be
more "dynamic."
I remember at times being
angry at him, because
all he was..was stable...

I met him on a bus
when I was 26,
taking a solo trip to
Florida...I was lost..
very lost,
took wrong bus..while
looking for Disney...
I was about 100 miles
out of my way...

The driver
wasn't a dynamic man..
he was consistent,
stable and kind.
It was only him and I
left..I told him I was
lost..told him where I
wanted to go...
He told me what I needed
to do, it would take a
while to get back on track..
He talked to me about
being a bus driver for 20 years,
and loving his family.

He didn't really enjoy his job,
he just did it...for them, his family.
"I know sometimes that
my son gets angry at me..
he wants me to be more
"dynamic,".    He smiled,
then and said, "I really do love
him very much."

Then I knew...
that's when I met my dad. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 08/17/2009.


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