Kim Haslam

Nothing Compares To You


Nothing Compares To You
That's the song you sent
Is that what you really mean
Or are you manipulating me in to paying your rent?

Where were you when I was under for three hours?
Oh yes sleeping peacefully like a coward.
You said my family didn't care for me
But it was my father by my side lovingly

You have called my family white trash
But there isn't ten people living in my house that smells of ash

I let it pass many times
The conversation I had about God
You kicked me to the ground
Then picking me up when I didn't make a sound

You carried me to bed, promising it would never happen again
I lied there making believe it was all pretend

Then you took me to a party in 90 degree weather
As I sucked up my pride and put on a cotton sweater

"Forgetting" the many times you kicked me out
Forced to sit on the beach with a beer wondering if this what love was all about?
And then you would call me to come in and gave me a hug
I had my fix because you were my drug
I always had your back because honey you were my crack

Until that final day when you screamed at my mom
And I took your daughter's hand and told her to remain calm
"I just want my mommy" she would say
As tears fell from my face I said to her okay

"I'm sorry sweet child we made you fell so crappy"
She took her hand and wiped my tears
and said "I just want my Jenny to be happy"

Someone took over me and I looked around and said I'm leaving this place
He said "thank you, get out, I never want to see your face"
So I closed the door behind me
and whispered "thank you God I'm free"

For a split second there were thoughts of the laughs, the "love", the passion
But nothing was enough to change my reaction

And then you send me lyrics: Nothing Compares To You
Like I would run back like some kind of fool
Sorry hun, but you must be dreaming dude

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Kim Haslam.
Published on on 09/29/2009.


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