Lion Kroeze

Philosophical one liners

1. Each problem knows the key to the solution

2. Knowledge is working with information

3. Everything starts with a thought

4. The truth is the sum of its parts

5. The strongest force for change is experience

6. The problems make people, it forms you and heals you

7. Not judging is the way to truth

8. Quality prooved services, give good earnings

9. Working without thinking will be fatal for existing systems

10. Experience is believing

11. Confidence in life is given through faith in yourself

12. Identity is an unconscious, conscious act

13. Sharing of global power will give countries an inner force

14. To recognize and to identify problems, you can explore a problem free future

15. If you deny problems, you lie to yourself

16. Raising children is being older in experience

17. Raising children is seeing a child in his full personality

18. Love is in freedom feeling the connection

19. Love is acting on empathy without a hidden agenda.

20. A problem experienced is related to perception

21. Illness is a signal of weakness in your body

22. Trauma makes the people, the people make no trauma

23. Being creative in solutions makes you feel inventive

24. The quality of question is more important than the answer

25. The best form of therapy is to let the client invent their own solutions

26. Intellect is given by the thought

27. Do not lie to yourself gives bright light in the mind

28. A pure instinct is controlling the quality of the thought

29. A relationship is feeling freedom in monogamy

30. Monogamy knows a free will

31. Your destiny is controlled by your own free will

32. To receive, you should give

33. A preventing society knows healing

34. The quality of thought is controlling the strength

35. The factual truths are realistic truths

36. Logical thinking controlles the quality of the intellect

37. Every moral has its lifestyle

38. Loving is wanting to love

39. Trauma is manageable if you can talk about it, like its part of you

40. Recognize is knowing, admit is willing to see

41. If you do not learn, do not develop

42. Knowledge is taking responsibility

43. Consequence is to recognize the other side 

44. Not listening to your feelings, you deny yourself

45. Control is, holding on to reality

46. Addiction is,you are not aware of your own will

47. A sincere instinct knows the road towards talent

48. The reality is based on media, science and experience

49. Thoughts in perspective is giving words to feelings  in a healingproces

50. Consequence is knowing the alternative

51. God is the thought and nature completed

52. Behavior is a characteristic display of acting

53. When you are judgemental, it gives more demands for yourself

54. Meaning knows the road to forgiveness

55. Thinking is factual observations connect to logic


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Lion Kroeze.
Published on on 10/15/2009.


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